Institute of International Education for study and Research of

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

The Department of Ukrainian and Russian as foreign languages

The distance learning course

Since 2014 the distance learning course “The Russian language for foreigners” has acted under the Center of the international education (authors: Seliverstova L. I., Nechiporenko S. S., Petrenko I. P., Kolokolova A. A.; engineer – Alexandrov D. Yu.). This course is designed for foreign students who wants to know language at the certificate level B-1, which is necessary for receiving the certificate on finishing of the preparatory faculty of the higher school of Ukraine with the aim to enter an institution of higher education.

The course contains 30 lessons; different types of dictionaries (the phrase Chinese-Russian-English dictionary, the thematic dictionary composed of illustrations, the translated Russian-English-French-Chinese dictionary, as well as the dictionary of linguistic terms), audio-course about Ukraine for English-speaking students, auxiliary resources for learning of the Russian language: video-courses, cartoons, movies in the Russian language, references on sites for learning of Russian language as a foreign language, as well as wide phonetic audio- and video-course.

Every lesson has informative and grammar material represented in presentations, tables and schemes. An illustrative material for the grammar theme (speech samples, learning dialogs) has the sounding accompaniment. For the formation and securing the grammar skills and abilities the large amount of linguistic and communicative exercises are proposed. The central part of the lesson is the lexical theme (text and lexical exercises), relating to the grammar theme. All new words, dialogues, as well as texts are voiced by the authors of the course. Moreover, the necessary lexicon has references to the thematic dictionary made in illustrations. The word being in this dictionary is highlighted in all texts and exercises, it can be activated by the mouse click to see the translation, illustration or learn how it is pronounced.

At the end of each lesson the control test is provided.

РThe work by students in Forum and Chat favors development of the written language. In the Forum students converse about given topic. The teacher also can enter the Forum, check the activity of students, for which the points are added, can send each student remarks in the written form, correct the work of students. Here students can ask questions not only teacher, but each other. The time of entering chat is defined early. The conversation performs on the given topic of lesson in the on-line regime. Students may practice their oral speaking also at video-conferences, where they are proposed to discuss a lexical theme, given the opportunity to address each other questions, consult with teacher.

The author audiovisual course for English speaking students “Let’s read about Ukraine” is added to the distance course “Russian language for foreigners”. This course contains texts in Russian and English languages and audio recordings of the texts in Russian language, that gives students additional opportunity to develop reading skills, audition, and pronunciation.

Thus, the distance course contains materials allowing to develop all kinds of speaking activity of foreign students: reading (dialogues, texts), writing (writing exercises, essays, written communication in the Chat and Forum), listening (audio accompaniment of words in the thematic dictionary, dialogues and texts; audio-course “Let’s read about Ukraine”), speaking (in the regime of Forum, Chat, video conferences).

КThe course has passed approbation with students from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, China, the USA.