Институт международного образования

ХНУ им. В.Н. Каразина

Кафедра социально-экономических наук


Title of the course:

Kievan Rus’ State


Tatiana Lykhachova, Senior lecturer, Ph.D

Status: obligatory or selected:

Exchange education programs and summer school programs (selected).

Year of studying and semester:


Number of academic hours:

Given course is accounted for 72 hours (2 credits (ECTS)) but it is flexible and can be changed depending on the conditions of exchange education programs. It is accounted for 12 hours for summer school programs.

System of assessment:

Tests, essays, presentations, participation in discussions.

System of assessment:

Tests, essays, presentations, participation in discussions.

Language of teaching:

Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Course description:

Kievan Rus’ is a medieval state in Europe which played an important role in the region. In the highest point it covered a huge territory from Carpathian Mountains to Volga River and from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Kievan Rus’ was a first state to arise among the Eastern Slavs. Given course is devoted to the analysis such issues as foundation, rise and decline of Kievan Rus’, as well as social, economic and political development of the medieval state, its cultural heritage and international position. The material is structured according to the problem-chronological order. Course consists of two modules. The first module is devoted to birth and rise of Kievan Rus’. The second one is devoted to decline of the state. During seminars students will work on the analysis of Primary Chronicle, law code the Russkaya Pravda, will discuss political, social, economic, cultural development of Kievan Rus’, its place in the history of Europe, etc.

Educational and instructional materials:

The teaching program of the course and lecturers texts.


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