Институт международного образования

ХНУ им. В.Н. Каразина

Кафедра социально-экономических наук


Title of the course:

Interpretation of Ukrainian-Russian Cultural Heritage in Museum


Helen Kutya, senior lecturer ,Tatiana Lykhachova, , senior lecturer, Ph.D

Status: obligatory or selected:

Exchange education programs and summer school programs (selected).

Year of studying and semester:


Number of academic hours:

Given course is accounted for 72 hours (2 credits (ECTS)) but it is flexible and can be changed depending on the conditions of exchange education programs. It is accounted for 12 hours for summer school programs.

System of assessment:

Tests, essays, presentations, participation in discussions.

Language of teaching:

Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Course description:

The course is devoted to the analysis and practice of the Ukrainian-Russian cultural heritage reflection in museums complexes and collections, as well as individual architecture and art monuments. It consists of two modules.

OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE. To reconstruct cultural processes in Ukrainian and Russian society, its spiritual and material development in reflection of museums, memorial complexes, reserves. To give notion of cultural heritage, classification and specialization of museums. To highlight the historical context of dates that are recreated in museums funds. To teach in what way museums help us to survive and carry on cultural heritage. Special attention is given to such categories as historical memory, image of a national hero and their reflection in museums. The first module is built in chronological order and describes an interpretation of the brightest periods and events of Ukrainian and Russian history in museums. The second one is devoted to analyze of specialized museums. During seminars students will learn about UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ukraine and Russian Federation, about the interpretation of religious world view, an everyday life as well as cultural areas of Ukraine and the Russian Federation in museums. During practices students will get knowledge about features of different types of museums.

Educational and instructional materials:

The teaching program of the course and lecturers texts.


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