Институт международного образования

ХНУ им. В.Н. Каразина

Кафедра социально-экономических наук


Title of the course:

History of Ukrainian Culture


Helen Kutya, senior lecturer, Anna Iesina, lecturer

Status: obligatory or selected:


Year of studying and semester:

For foreign students of 1st course and 2nd semester of School of Medicine.

Number of academic hours:

Given course is accounted for 60 hours (lectures: 14, practices: 26, individual work: 20).

System of assessment:

Tests and participation in discussions.

Language of teaching:


Course description:

The aim of the course is acquaintance of foreign students of the 1st course of medical faculty with a theoretical bases of study of course of the Ukrainian culture, forming of the system of knowledge in relation to conformities to law of cultural and historical process, its main stages, national and regional features.

PROGRAM: Introduction. Culture of Kievan Rus’. Ukrainian culture in 14–17th centuries. Development of Ukrainian culture in 18–19th centuries. Culture of Slobodskaya Ukraine. Ukrainian culture at the beginning of 20th century. Cultural life of Ukraine in 20-30 years of 20th century. Ukrainian culture in 40-80 years of 20th century. Cultural life of Independent Ukraine. Connection of Ukrainian culture with culture of people of the word. Ukrainian national customs and traditions. Ukrainian national and religious holidays. Kharkov is a center of the cultural life of Slobodskaya Ukraine. Course consists of two modules. Forms and teaching methods of the course: lectures and seminars.

Educational and instructional materials:

The teaching program of the course and textbook are provided:

  1. Dyagilev V. E., Kutya O. A., Lykhachova T. M. History of Ukrainian Culture: Textbook for English-speaking students (School of Medicine). – Kharkov: Collegium, 2014. – 126 p.


  1. Історія української культури: в 5 т. – К.: Наукова думка, 2001–2008.
  2. Історія української культури: Побут. Письменництво. Театр. Музика / За загальн. ред. І. Крип’якевича – К.: Либідь, 1994. – 656 с.