Институт международного образования

ХНУ им. В.Н. Каразина

Кафедра социально-экономических наук


Title of the course:

History and Culture of Ukraine


Tatiana Lykhachova, senior lecturer, Ph.D

Status: obligatory or selected:

First year of Master Program at the School of Economics (obligatory), exchange education programs (selected)

Number of academic hours:

Given course is accounted for 108 hours (3 credits (ECTS)), the number of which can be changed depending on the conditions of exchange education programs.

System of assessment:

Tests, essay, presentations, participation in discussions.

Language of teaching:


Course description:

The aim of the course is getting knowledge of history and culture of Ukraine from the earliest times to nowadays, its society, economics, politics, and culture, stages of state building and the greatest achievements of Ukrainian people.

PROGRAM: Contemporary Ukraine: geography, state, cities, historical and cultural regions. First people and first civilizations on the territory of Ukraine: the Trypilians, the Cimmerians, the Scythians, the Sarmatians, Ancient Greek city-states. History and culture of Kievan Rus’. Lithuanian-Polish period. Ukrainian Cossacks and Hetmanate. Ukraine as a part of Russia and Austria-Hungary. Ukraine in the first part of 20th century. Ukraine during the World War II. Ukraine in the second part of 20th century. Ukrainian Independent State. Prominent Ukrainians, cultural and scientific heritage of the country. Customs, cuisine, and traditional art forms. Course consists of two modules.

Forms and teaching methods of the course: lectures and seminars.

Teaching materials:

The teaching program of the course and textbook are provided:

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