Institute of International Education for study and Research of

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

The Department of Social and Economic Disciplines

Vladimir E. Dyagilev

Post Held: Head of the Department of Social and Economic sciences (Center of International Students Training).

Scientific degree: the Candidate of Historical Sciences (PhD) (1985), the Associate Professor (1999).

Education: Faculty of History, A. M. Gorky Kharkov State University (at present – V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University), specialty 'History', teacher of history and social science (1980).

Experience of Teaching: since 1999.

After training in postgraduate study of the A. M.Gorky Kharkov State University the Candidate’s dissertation was defended in 1985, the academic status of the senior lecturer is appropriated in 1999.

The head of groups of authors of training and-methodological manuals for foreign students on History of Ukraine (in Russian and English languages), Country Studies of Ukraine, Geography, Basics of Law. Teaches training courses: 'History of Ukraine', 'History of the Ukrainian culture', 'History of the Modern World' to students-foreigners of the basic faculties of university.

Member of the Academic council of the Center of International Students Training.

Upgrading Skills: Training at the V.N.Karazin Kharkov National University, School of Economy, Department of Economic Theory (2009).

Courses Taught: «History of Ukraine», «History of the Ukrainian culture», «History of the Modern World».

Working with students of all Schools of University.

Research Interests : Scientific interests are formed round problems of political history, history of Ukraine, methods of teaching of political, legal and social and economic courses to foreign students, creation of manuals on courses of a politological, culturological, historical and country studies of Ukraine direction.

Publications: the author more than 43 scientific and scientifically-methodical publications, including the base program at the course «History of Ukraine» for students-foreigners of preparatory faculties of higher educational institutions of Ukraine recommended», recommended the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2004), the author and the co-author of 11 manuals on History of Ukraine, Basics of Economics and Social Geography of the Countries of the World, Country Studies of Ukraine, Basics of Law, and also on History of Ukraine and History of the Ukrainian culture for foreign students in English, including a remote course «History of Ukraine» for foreign students of all directions and others.