Institute of International Education

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

The Department of Social and Economic Disciplines

Distance learning courses: «History of Ukraine» (the English language of training)

«History of Ukraine» is presented in the course of a compulsory humanitarian education of foreign students that are studying in higher educational establishments of Ukraine as a part of their understanding of a historical development of the state they are getting education in. The course highlights the main periods, socio-economic, political and cultural development of Ukraine and characterizes the activities of different organizations and individual historical figures on the territory of the country.

108 hours (including 36 hours for lectures, 18 hours for seminars and 54 hours for individual students’ work) and 3 credits ECTS are allocated to study the discipline.

An introductory part of a distance course consists of its program, a description of a system of students' knowledge assessment, literature (including e-books), as well as a dictionary of key terms considered necessary to study the subject.

For a direct communication with a lecturer and discussion of issues that may arise during the study of the subject or execution of control tasks, on-line chat and off-line forum for students is set up in a distance course.

Texts of lectures are supplemented with questions for self-control, maps and other illustrations, links to an additional material as well as videos. Control of students' knowledge is carried out by means of tests included into the structure of a distance course.

There are materials to prepare for the exam (that a lecturer conducts directly during a session) at the end of the course.