Institute of International Students Training

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Natural Sciences Department

Course Summaries
Course name:

Mechanical Drawing


Associate Professor Vasiliy I. Grutsyak.



Duration of the course:

Preparatory Department: 1-2 semesters.

Total class hours:

66 class hours. The course starts from the fifth week of the study. The first semester - 32 class hours (Geometric drawing study). The second semester - 34 class hours (Projection drawing study).

Language of teaching:


Course summary:

Module I. Geometric drawing.

Introduction (8 class hours). Line. Images of items. Drawing. Drawing instruments and materials. Drawing format. Frame and title inscription.

Line drawing (2 class hours). Type(2 class hours). Dimensioning. The scale (2 class hours). The order of execution of the drawing (2 class hours). Geometric constructions (8 class hours). Conjugation (4 class hours). The circular curves (2 class hours). Straight-curves (2 class hours).

Module II. Projection drawing.

Methods of construction an images (12 class hours). Axonometric projections (10 class hours). Elements of engineering drawing (8 class hours). Types: basic, additional local. Concept of sections and its meaning. Draft. System of computer-aided design, AutoCAD 2000 (4 class hours).