Institute of International Students Training

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Language Training Department

Ushakova Natalya Igorevna

Position: head of the Language Training Department (Center of International Education).

Academic degree, title: Doctor of Pedagogics (2010), Professor (2013).

Education: philology department at A. M. Gorky State University (V. N. Karazin National University at present), specialty “Russian language and literature” (special subject “Russian for foreigners”).

Experience of teaching: since 1984.

After taking a postgraduate course at Pushkin State Institute of Russian language (Russia, Moscow), the Candidate’s dissertation was defended in 1991.

Experience of work as “a visiting professor” at the University of Southern Maine (the USA).

Development of the following courses: “Practical course of Russian as a foreign language” for foreign students of the department of foreign languages, “Country-specific studies”, “Culture-oriented linguistics”, “Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language” for foreign students-philologists.

Specialist in the theory of the textbook creation in Russian as a foreign language; language training of foreign students in foreign socio-cultural environment, linguoculturology.

Author of the Concept of Linguistic Education for foreigners at higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

Participant of local and foreign international conferences: IX International Symposium “Theoretical and methodological issues in the field of Russian as a foreign language”. “New IT in linguistics and methodology” (Veliko-Tyrnovo, Bulgaria, 2006), “Russian language at the beginning of the twenty first century”. “Problems of development, functioning and teaching” (Pech, Hungary, 2007), IV International Conference “Russian in the language and cultural world and European spaces. Man. Consciousness. Communication. Internet” (Warsaw, Poland, 2008, 2012). “Russian for foreigners in a contemporary educational and geopolitical paradigm” (Russia, Moscow, 2010), “Language – speech – specialty: Russian language in the sphere of international tourism” (Tunisia, 2012), “Russian language in a contemporary world: traditions and innovations in teaching the Russian language for foreigners and translation” (Greece, Salonika, 2013).

N. I. Ushakova took part in the XIII Congress of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (Granada, Spain, 2015), as well as in the work of the General Assembly MAPRYAL.

Member of the editorial board: collected articles approved by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) “Teaching language at higher educational establishments at the present stage. Intersubject relations”.

Supervisor of applicants’ and post-graduates’ research works at the department. Under the leadership of N. I. Ushakova the Candidate’s dissertation (specialty #13.00.02 – theory and methods of teaching) was defended in 2014.

Member of the specialized Scientific Council К 64.051.19.

Member of the Scientific Council (Center of International Education).

Continuing education: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) (1986), Pushkin State Institute of the Russian language (Russia, 1993, 2007), V. N. Karazin National University (Kharkov, 2010), 'Technology of distance learning in high school' courses in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

Teaching disciplines: “Country-specific studies”, “Culture-oriented linguistics”, “Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language” for foreign students of the foreign languages faculty.

Work with students, graduates, post-graduates, trainees of different faculties.

Research areas: theory of the textbook creation in Russian as a foreign language, culture-oriented linguistics.

Publications: author of 170 published works in the field of methods of teaching Russian and Ukrainian as foreign languages including the monograph “Textbook in the language of teaching for foreign students in the aspect of a modern educational paradigm”; co-author of 3 collective monographs (2006, 2011, 2013). Author and scientific editor of the collective monograph “Teaching Russian to foreigners: theory and practice, traditions and innovations” (2014). Author and co-author of 28 textbooks in Russian and Ukrainian as foreign languages for foreign students including a textbook for teaching intercultural communication “Acquaintance with Ukraine”, academic complex for English-speaking form of study “Parallel”; author and editor of the Integrated Standard Academic Program in the Ukrainian language for foreign students of major non-philological faculties at higher educational institutions of Ukraine (third and fourth levels of accreditation). The latter was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science; author and scientific editor of the basic textbook on the Russian language for foreign students of non-philological specialties.